Finally. Gojou Mayumi Sweet Romance FULL (Yumeiro Patissiere Professionals OP) Lyrics~

Here are the lyrics! I might’ve made a few mistakes so sorry if I have! Enjoy~

Credits to video 🙂

WHAT IS WHAT IS koi itte nani
moshi kashite hajimatteru SWEET ROMANCE

itsumo guruguru omoi dashichau
atama no naka kimi no koto
nemutte te mo me ga samete te mo
naze ka ki ni naru ENDORESU PUREI

dare ni mo ienai kara
kimochi o manna mode

*BABY BABY me ga au tabi
mune ga kurushiku naru no wakannai
TELL ME TELL ME nanka futari
sukoshi zutsu kawatteku kyorikan
HELP ME HELP ME mou modorenai
dakedo doko ni mukaeba ii no
WHAT IS WHAT IS koi itte nani
byouyomi kaishi THREE TWO ONE
tabun kore te SWEET ROMANCE

mata JIRIJIRI mune wo kogashichau
nani ke nani kimi no kotoba
ii hou himo waru i hounimo
watashi ga te ni DECORATION

hore nochi kumori UP & DOWN
go ki gen wa kimi shitai

BABY BABY kimi no tonari
narante aru kudakede dokidoki
TELL ME TELL ME nanka watashi
umaku hanasenakuaru fushigi
HELP ME HELP ME tarada hitori
ima kimi igai miete naino
WHAT IS WHAT IS koi itte nani
ochiru mono nano THREE TWO ONE
kore ga ufuseno SWEET ROMANCE


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Yumeiro Patissiere Professional Ep 1-3, Bakuman Ep 2

Sorry for the delay, I’m back with new episodes of Yumeiro and Bakuman. Continue reading

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Bakuman Ep 1

Bakuman anime is out! It’s author and artist are the same people that created Death Note, although their new work is completely different.

First impressions. The first scene really confused me because it was (as we later find out) an OP for an anime his uncle drew, but I actually really enjoyed the OP. The anime art is simple but realistic, which fits the slice-of-life categorizing of the story.

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Back & Start! Yumeiro Patissiere Professional OP Sweet Romance Translation

I’m back with more updates. I did a rough translation of the new OP for Yumeiro Patissiere Professional. It has a really different feel from the first OP- much more mature and romantic. The actual full OP is supposed to come out on October 27th.

What is what is, what is love?
Could it be that its starting? Sweet romance

Popping into my head over and over again
I keep thinking about you
When I’m asleep or when I’m awake
Why am I so obsessed? Endless Play

Because I can’t tell anyone
My feelings are on silent mode
So it’s bitter and sweet

Baby baby! Each time our eyes meet
This pain in my chest keeps on getting worse. I can’t understand!
Tell me tell me Why do I feel
Like the distance between us is slowly changing?
Help me help me! There’s no turning back
But where should I be headed to?
What is what is, what is love?
Start the countdown, three two one
This is probably it? Sweet Romance

I could do romanized lyrics as well if anyone wants them. Enjoy! ❤

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Yumeiro Patissiere Ep 44-46

Late update is late ;__; Anyways I bring you the latest episodes of Yumeiro~

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Kaichou wa Maid Sama 18, Yumeiro Patissiere 43

Kaichou wa Maid Sama 18 – I love the start of the episode; the vice president is being helped by Soutaro. Everyone makes fun of him for relying on someone else so he decides to become stronger.

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Kaichou wa Maid Sama! Ep 17, Yumeiro Patissiere Ep 42

Time for Kaichou wa Maid Sama! (Sorry about the delay). I liked this episode- it was a continuation of the summer on the beach reservation with Misa and her co-workers…and most importantly time for beach volleyball tournament for title of beach princess!

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