Bakemonogatari Ep 9-15 [End], Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Ep 2-12 [End]

Two days later and I’m already done with Bakemonogatari and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. Yay! This is the first time I actually followed anime based on the director but I’m certainly glad I made that decision. Despite the fact that I’m not into horror stories, Bakemonogatari still managed to satisfy my need for comedy, action, drama, with an overall good balance between the more serious stories, violent scenes (more like Araragi getting slaughtered), and lighter comedies to take off the darker mood. Still, as someone who likes comedy more, I definitely enjoyed Arakawa Under The Bridge/Zetssubou Sensei more. It was also weird for me to see the relationships between the characters, especially Araragi & Hachikuji. Despite the fact that Hachikuji is dubbed a tsundere character, I doubted that Araragi liked her at all until the end. On a sidenote, I love her ability to insult though:

Another part I liked specifically about Bakemonogatari is the random Japanese references/word challenges/double meanings that I learned from this series. It probably sounds weird and totally useless to someone with no interest in Japanese, but I’m still learning Japanese/love tongue twisters so I really liked this:

& cat version of the following:

So back on track. Despite my issues with the relationships in the anime, I thought that the end was really good and summed up the characters well. And although there was no huge twist/kiss, it was really simple and real (ironic compared to the rest of the anime).

Now moving to Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. All I can say is that (minus the perverted scenes) I LOVE IT. It’s not very deep in terms of relationships, but it definitely critiques society through over the top, absurd cases of people’s personalities that turn everything into comedy. The story revolves around Itoshiki Nozomu, a high school teacher who “wants to commit suicide”…or at least attempts to a number of times, as well as the students in his class (most of who are girls that start liking Nozomu because they thought that he confessed to them).

Despite its absurdity, I thought that Zetsubou Sensei was a good social critique through comedy since it addresses the problems with society’s obsession with money, high standards, etc. , and along with a new classmate story, each episode introduces one or more social issues. So overall I really loved it for the comedy and thought it was effective through different means than drama ^^

Some of my favorite parts/quotes from the anime:

(So cute!)

I go on those all the time…

(Just to give context for next one, Nozomu kills himself and then everyone starts having a guilt complex.)

Looking forward to watching the next season of Zetsubou Sensei! ^^

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