Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Ep 1-3

Anyone who watched Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei should definitely continue the series- Zoku still has the randomness (except that it really gets out of hand in the 2nd season), more satiric horror elements, & “fanservice” (which I don’t like but it’s my personal taste). So here are some of the best parts with spoilers ^^

Episode 1- Our Classroom Has Too Many Problems, So Please Keep That In Mind. The beginning introduced Itoshiki Nozomu, a businessman who went through various ordeals to be washed ashore on an island and become a teacher. Going back to the main storyline, a truant student goes back to school, and Nozomu states that she’s nothing special since he has

So the truant girl is Nami Hitou, a completely ordinary girl that wants to be unique.

So Nami tries to prove that she can stay in school all the time:

Episode 2- To confuse people even more, the episode was following a double dialogue- one between the characters in the anime and one was taken from another storyarc

In the next part of the episode, Nozomu complains about society overdecorating everything, which according to Kafuka, is

Talk about over decorating the background xD

Finally, the third part of the episode (Zoku episode are divided into 2-3 parts that are totally random and most have no connections to one another),

Nozomu meets his old school “friend,” but neither remember each other’s names despite being friends…

Nozomu’s classmate, Ikkyuu, has an obsession for old things.

I’ll end episode 2 on that note.

Episode 3- Harumi Fujiyoshi is writing her manga yet again (while another storyarc of Zetsubou Sensei is going on from her radio). Ship names amuse me

Then Nozomu complains about people having duties given to them by society, to which Kafuka replies

And then he lets everyone take care of him…

Finally last part, Nozomu comes into the classroom criticizing the fact that society overlooks important things and big statements, so to address that issue, apparently one needs to do the opposite…his logic makes no sense.

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