Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 5-11 [End]

This is a continuation of my last post, which is split into two parts because of the pictures.

Episode 5- Cultural Pedigree. Instead of having his class participate in the spring sports tournament, Nozomu decides to hold another form of competition because his class is too “cultured”.

Followed by random people flying all over the place. Then Nozomu starts talking about how everything in life can be divided into three categories:

(Note: sporty endings = world explosion. According to Zetsubou Sensei…)

In the third part, Nozomu criticizes people’s expectations for gratitude when they do something nice.

And he focuses on business offers that offer goods for sale, expecting people to express gratitude by buying them. Which is kind of true- sales are a good example of that.

I wish it was always that cheap though…

Episode 6- Thou Shalt Not Know. Start with Nozomu walking into the classroom, announcing that he will not be giving out report cards.

Then he continues about how in society, the majority does not want to know various information (giving his own example of finding out that something he bought was actually not at a good deal, which he realized from the TV later). So to escape notifications, he tries to run away into wilderness…Meanwhile Kafuka and Chiri look at two women gossiping.

Episode 7- Nozomu comes to school complaining about people making fun of his name a million times, to which Kafuka replies with, “Something that a million people said could not possibly be a lie!” Followed by some interesting claims of Nozomu being a girl & others.

Episode 8- Spineapple pudding. While taking a picture at a swimming pool, Nozomu is accused by a random person of being a spy. From then on continue various accusations against him while doing everyday things. Kafuka decides to help Nozomu out by releasing “positive counter intelligence”or

During the second storyarc, Nozomu says to his class that during May, people’s true sides are revealed, so everyone goes around exposing their own secrets.

Episode 9- Despair Fight. Pretty random episode. First part is focused on Maria going around attacking everyone. Then in the other arc, Chiri goes around photographing people 24/7 in order to see if they can withstand the constant inspection (only 1 person could); and then Kafuka claims that in order to get people’s sympathy, one should be a careless/clumsy person. Which is easy…

But Chiri isn’t that great at it ._.

Basically this is how it ends up.

Episode 10- Deteriorating Stream. At a baseball game, Nozomu tries to show that Japanese people like “detuning” or not going full on and doing their best because that appeals more to others.

And this is one of the only times Kafuka agrees with him.

First Time Condition- Third part of the episode includes Nozomu coming back from restaurant where he was rejected because he was a first time customer. Then everyone comes to the realization that Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is against first time visitors…(I like the random self-critiques of this anime).

So they decide to include everyone. But that doesn’t end up that well either. By the end of the episode, all viewers basically get rejected ;__;

Episode 11- First part is a mystery story with another Nozomu Itoshiki who is the detective. During the second part, everyone is at a festival:

And as everyone writes their wishes, Nozomu hangs up a letter of resignation.

I’ll end here because this basically sums up the whole series so far (and represents Itoshiki Nozomu).

Or so Kafuka says.

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