Kaichou Wa Maid Sama! Ep 16, Yumeiro Patissiere Ep 41

So I’ve been watching Kaichou wa Maid Sama! I’ll try to update with new eps from now on. Episode 16 Misa finally took a break from all the school violence/drama to go to the sea with her coworkers from the maid cafe.

(The opening picture is so cute! :D)

So basically the whole maid staff is out to visit the seaside & the manager’s sister’s resort. Aoi was also there to be changed into a normal boy-

And he kept on complaining about being under the sun, which was pretty funny. So then Misa offered to help him (so that she wouldn’t have to walk outside in a swimsuit).

Self-centered Aoi is really adorkable (Misa looks like she totally agrees with his statement). The episode was pretty relaxing and fun; between the Maid Latte workers helping out at the resort & MisaxUsui (who was the “bodyguard”) cute moments, I really liked it.

Now for Yumeiro Patissiere, which I have been following from the beginning. Even though I don’t normally watch childish anime anymore, I really like the cute art/comedy/cooking in Yumeiro. So Ichigo & team is finally in Paris! The episode starts with Ichigo being clumsy as usual & waking up late to find out it’s her breakfast making duty; followed by french toast and an exploding oven…

The toast is finally prepared, but everyone critiques it…poor Ichigo to have to go through this every morning.

Meanwhile the other teams are thinking up their plans for the competition. Team Lemon decides to make a doughnut (this is their imagination).

At the same time, Ichigo & team is traveling to the stores (with Ichigo eating everything) and Chocolate is sleeping in Kashino’s bag (cute!).

At the stores, the Sweets Fairies play hide-and-seek games.

Afterwards at a cafe, the Team Ichigo decides to make gelato for their competition (because of their landlady who used to own a gelato store with her husband who died). Then suddenly Ricardo turns up and asks Ichigo to go out with him if his team wins the competition. Mikado looks pretty mad xD

Looking forward to next episode! 😀

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