Goku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Ep 1-3 [End]

After considering not continuing with the other seasons of Zetsubou Sensei, Goku caught me again xD

Episode 1- It’s finally Valentine’s day & Nozomu says that people celebrate it too often as well as other holidays; therefore…

However, Itoshiki-sensei is rather popular himself, but of course he finds fault in the chocolates and claims that people are trying to get him with the “honey trap”

Getting into the topic of honey traps, Nozomu goes into despair over women trying to get information, to which Kafuka replies positively with-

Aka a group of guys who only care about 2D video game characters. Part 3 is about unaired battles, which are often more intense than the shown parts (like people bribing each other behind a political campaign, etc.)…so when Chiri starts being violent about Itoshiki sensei-

Episode 2- Notice from Ministry of Prediction; During the first part, Itoshiki announces that he will pay house visits (starting with Kitsu Chiri), but after going all the way to her house he looks and her and passes by. Followed by a rant about how Japanese people view the process as more important than the result- results are often overlooked…In the 2nd part, everyone except Chiri is lazy because there is a prediction of an earthquake, & the characters don’t expect to be printed in the newspaper (wait what.)

So Nozomu complains about people who do things even though it’s useless; Nami’s example is (NORMAL):

Episode 3- Starts off with all the characters telling a 100 stories, which ends up with Nami talking about bon dances & Kafuka starts imagining Chiri going on a plane and trying to explain bon dance in English:

(After which the plane will be turned back xD)

So in part 3, it is White Day, and Nozomu rambles about fights where there are no victors.

And so everyone gets stuck in a victorless battlefield. So Harumi and Manami start fighting…

And then Nozomu and Kafuka go on TV and have a debate on whether or not aliens exist.

PART 3! I love this part xD It tells Nozomu’s story of how he became Mr. Despair in high school. So first day of high school, enter optimistic Nozomu

…Its true. But after hoping for new love, girls give him letters to his brothers instead…

And one day he finds his way to the dark club whose members give him glasses that will hurt him if he thinks positively. While running away from the clubroom, Nozomu bumps into…

So cute! Anyways Nozomu is then accused of kidnapping chibi-Kafuka and banished by society…

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