Kaichou wa Maid Sama! Ep 17, Yumeiro Patissiere Ep 42

Time for Kaichou wa Maid Sama! (Sorry about the delay). I liked this episode- it was a continuation of the summer on the beach reservation with Misa and her co-workers…and most importantly time for beach volleyball tournament for title of beach princess!

Sidenote: Usui is so cute in the morning 😀

So Misa and Aoi entered the tournament as partners because Aoi’s pride was on the stake, and Misa is always the type excited to help passionate people. So the combo trained hard and (killed) beat their opponents until the finals!

But Usui (out of jealousy) also entered the competition- and of course the finals of the tournament was between Misa/Aoi vs Usui pair! Misa, frustrated, realizes that Usui is going all out against them instead of helping her like he normally does…which she carelessly yells out. That snaps Usui back to his senses:

(Couldn’t resist making that screencap). While doing a deep dive, Misa is about to crash into the pole when Usui comes to the rescue! While hurting himself in the process. So Aoi becomes the beach princess. Meanwhile in the evening Misa/Usui have their own private scene…

With fireworks, confessions, deep stares. Overall a pretty good, sweet episode (predictable) but Usui is always awesome.

Now for Yumeiro ! It’s finally time for the actual round of contests, and Team Ichigo decided to make gelato!

After countless attempts, Team Ichigo finally decides on a special gelato made with sakura leaves to add their own unique flavor. On the day of the tournament, their sales start low, until Ichigo has the idea to attract the tourists to get the gelato by saying that it’s DaVinci gelato. The spirits help make over the sale place~

Of course Team Ichigo beats Ricardo’s team by 1 POINT, but all the food was very yummy!

Team Tennouji managed to get twice the sales of Team Ichigo/most other teams…looking forward to their next match!

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