Kaichou wa Maid Sama 18, Yumeiro Patissiere 43

Kaichou wa Maid Sama 18 – I love the start of the episode; the vice president is being helped by Soutaro. Everyone makes fun of him for relying on someone else so he decides to become stronger.

So Igarashi Tora is back again to challenge Misa, and this time he aims to destroy Maid Cafe. In order to gain back the building for Maid Cafe, Misa has to crossdress to enter a contest!

Misa gets really fired up in order to protect the Maid Latte! 😀

And of course Usui is also there…with Aoi as his partner (who is finally dressed like a guy)

So both Misa’s and Usui’s partners are disqualified and of course the two come together for the unbeatable combo.

And to prove that she’s a “boy”…(poor Usui)

I want to see them compete together!

Now for Yumeiro Patissiere…I think I like their Japanese arc a lot more but the France one focuses more on separate people and their personal dramas and how Ichigo manages to make a sweet that makes them remember something.

So Ichigo and Kashino are working/living together with a chef who has a really beautiful orange tree in the back~

So Ichigo tries to figure out what ingredients the chef uses…/insert random fairy cuteness. Vanilla/Chocolate combination always makes me laugh.

Finally~ Kashino/Ichigo combination is just so cute! Kashino is finally showing more signs of liking Ichigo 😀

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