Yumeiro Patissiere Ep 44-46

Late update is late ;__; Anyways I bring you the latest episodes of Yumeiro~

Episode 44 – Chocolate Princess. Team Ichigo and Koshino are mysteriously invited to a ball for their semi-finals. (Slightly) predictably, the person who invited them turns out to be Henri sensei (Yumeiro fails to ever surprise me), and the contest is based on making a dress for the ball. Ichigo goes as Cinderella, but unfortunately the two teams end up tying (AGAIN)…And then to add on Ichigo has a romantic getaway and dance with Henri sensei. (I think he really should stop leading her on; I don’t see how a a childish 12 year old can act all cutesy and mature). Did I forget to mention that Kashino was lurking in the darkness, sending waves of dark matter = jealousy?

Episode 45 – Tour de Bon Bon Chocolat. As a continuation of the semi-finals, both teams are sent to travel all around Europe, and finally meet up in swan lake castle. (…Where does Henri sensei get all the money to send them travelling T_T)

This Makoto x Miya moment made me laugh.

The contest is based on making bon bon chocolats (which Caramel apparently doesn’t know)

Followed by various insults from Makoto

Meanwhile, Chocolat gets really fired up for the contest because of Miya Koshino’s Spirit, Marron.

Random cute snapshot of Cafe being very philosophical šŸ˜€

This time around, the Sweets Spirits really get down into helping create the shapes of the small bon bon (French for candy).

And of course Team Ichigo wins because of their trips and use of the various products from different places in Europe that they bought during their tour.

Episode 46 – Grandma’s Recipe. Preparing for the finals of the tournament, Ichigo worries about her grandma’s strawberry tart recipe. At the same time, Makoto gets a book to study and finds a black page under a recipe! The Sweets Spirits realize that the vanishing recipes are related to magic, and Ichigo takes another trip to the Sweets Kingdom to find the recipe. Despite Makoto’sĀ disapproval, Ichigo finds the recipe (after passing a hard test of course), but decides not to see it.

On an endnote, cute pouty Kashino is so adorable!

PS. I will try to update with Kaichou wa Maid Sama if anyone is interested in random summaries/snapshots, but if nobody requests it I think I might stop following the series.

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