Bakuman Ep 1

Bakuman anime is out! It’s author and artist are the same people that created Death Note, although their new work is completely different.

First impressions. The first scene really confused me because it was (as we later find out) an OP for an anime his uncle drew, but I actually really enjoyed the OP. The anime art is simple but realistic, which fits the slice-of-life categorizing of the story.

The storyline follows Moritaka Mashiro, a middle schooler who is a really good artist but is too scared to follow his path to be a mangaka, so instead he initially decides to work until he can get a desk-job. The social critique is pretty accurate from a teenager’s view.

And like most guys, Mashiro has a crush on a girl, Azuki Miho, which seems to be the main point that links him to normal students despite his otherwise mature self. Stereotypically, he leaves a notebook with a drawing of her in his class and when he comes back, he finds the smartest guy in the class waiting for him. (Note: he looks like a younger version of Light…)

I liked the ironic Death Note reference.

So Mr. #1 student actually wants to become famous and cooperate with Mashiro to write a manga series. Mashiro initially refuses, saying that becoming a mangaka is like gambling because only 1/1000 make it big, which is a pretty realistic and sad interpretation.  But Tagaki persists and ends up calling Mashiro to Azuki Miho’s house (/can’t ring the doorbell).

Takagi tells Miho about their plans to become mangakas and it turns out that Miho actually aims to be a seiyuu, so Mashiro (while lost in his memories) blurts out:

…Smooth for a middle schooler. But surprisingly enough, after blushing and running away, Miho says “Yes.”

Mashiro, breaking out of his state of shock, finally decides to become a mangaka. This is a final shot that I found amusing- all the other manga/anime references in this series. I wonder if they’ll beat One Piece one day.

Overall, I liked the first ep. It was simple, and although the storyline is really realistic, it has it’s own random fun moments. I’m looking forward to seeing the two make it big 😀 (And is it me, or does the storyline sound like the author’s own experiences because one is an artist and the other is the writer of the story?)

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