Yumeiro Patissiere Professional Ep 1-3, Bakuman Ep 2

Sorry for the delay, I’m back with new episodes of Yumeiro and Bakuman. So I’ll just spam pics of Ep 1 of Yumeiro. The start was rather sudden (I was really confused by the pushed ending with Ichigo/Kashino getting together last season) and kind of disappointed that I didn’t get to see how Ichigo studied in France.

To add onto that Team Ichigo also split up ;__;

And Kashino is separated from Ichigo because he was too smart. Kashino is way too mature now…

Oh and Mari cut her hair (Note: It’s a tradition/saying in Japan that if a girl loses her love, she cuts her hair), so Ichigo thought it was because of Henri sensei.

To add onto the drama! New character intoduced~ Johnny. Here is your stereotypical lazy protegy (American to add onto that), and he seems to have taken a liking to Ichigo. Much to Kashino’s disapproval…

And Johnny also has a partner Sweets Spirit, Maize. Maize is really nice and polite (she learned Japanese customs before moving there, although some of them are rather extreme and outdated). Maize is really calm and nice…until you make her mad. Then she starts burning and throwing everything around.

And to add more relations, Johnny is Miya’s cousin…way to go Ichigo/Kashino, they’re getting the whole family in love with them.

So the main focus of this season is the new team (Ichigo, Kashino, Lemon, and Johnny) creating a new shop. Ichigo seems to have matured quite a bit, and she is often the one to calm the rest of her team down (since Kashino and Johnny never clicked…).

Episode 3- New Team Ichigo? So the new group decided to have a contest to pick a leader for their team. There was no actual result as most of the people failed, but Ichigo is a likely candidate because she was really polite to her customer…but for now nobody knows!

Anyways this was a funny moment where Vanilla was changing the outside of the shop. This really sounds like a Sailor Moon reference.

And even poor Lemon couldn’t sell anything. Kashino’s reason for not having good sales was funny – the potential girl customers came and squealed over how hot he is so he told them to leave.

Moving onto Bakuman! The Takagi/Mashiro interactions never fail to amuse me. Takagi is actually a pretty interesting guy…he’s always cheerful and doesn’t give up, and at the same time he is logical.

And a bit of a stalker. But he understands Mashiro, so they’re a good pairing together.

…Did I mention that he’s smart? (He reminds me of a more spazzy and cheerful version of Light).

The storyline for this anime is moving rather rapidly- by the end of ep 2 Mashiro already asks his parents if he can become a mangaka, and eventually his grandfather agrees and gives him the key to his uncle’s workplace. Mashiro also seems to let Takagi into his life quickly but knowing Takagi’s nature, it is understandable.


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